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TIP National and SafeDrivePod - Joining forces to improve road safety and sustainability

Miércoles 25 octubre 2023
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We're very proud to announce our team up with esteemed strategic partner TIP National LLC, a full-service Managing General Agent (MGA) specializing in property and casualty insurance for the transportation industry. Positioned at the forefront of technology and solution development and recognizing the urgent need to significantly enhance road safety and reduce traffic-related damage costs, TIP National is a natural and strategic partner for SafeDrivePod.


An undeniable value proposition
By integrating our solutions with TIP National's extensive knowlegde, experience, and industry relationships, we are poised to make a substantial and positive impact on the transportation sector. Through the reduction of traffic-related damage costs, the enhancement of road safety, and aiding the industry in minimizing its environmental footprint in a cost-effective, easily manageable combined solution, we have crafted a compelling proposition that is hard to resist.


Inspire, influence, internalize
TIP National is committed to researching and developing 'best-of-breed' technology, enabling them to provide premium service to their clients. Their dedication to technology and solution development underpins the ongoing success of their company. This is where TIP National and SafeDrivePod are in perfect alignment. We both recognize that for road traffic safety to see a substantial improvement, the transportation industry and all its stakeholders must fully commit and cooperate. By joining forces, TIP National and SafeDrivePod are not only setting an example but also aiming to inspire others. We firmly believe that partnering with complementary stakeholders and internalizing technology and behaviors that greatly enhance safety and environmental awareness will benefit all parties, whether inside or outside the transportation industry.


About TIP National
TIP National was founded in 2014 by industry veterans. This dedicated group of managers and underwriters, with a deep understanding of the market, excels in delivering distinct insurance programs for the transportation industry. TIP National assists agencies in finding the most cost-effective and innovative program solutions to meet their respective clients' needs.

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