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Road safety

How to ensure that employees stay off their phones while driving

Lunes 18 marzo 2024
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For some companies, traffic safety is already part of their policy, but many organizations still prefer measures on a voluntary basis, often due to privacy concerns or fear of being overbearing. However, this approach does not adequately address the significant safety issue at hand. To truly make an impact, we must go beyond voluntary participation.

A logical first step in the process

We discussed this with Daan Bieleveld, a sustainable solutions consultant, who presented an interesting proposition: either you formulate a policy on why action should be taken, or you create a policy on why no action should be taken. Upon careful consideration of this issue, the only logical conclusion is that action is necessary. The case here is clear: the potential for extensive damage or even loss of life versus the fear of being overbearing and privacy concerns. When framed this way, the choice is obvious, right?

A fundamental code of conduct

When you're the one providing all the tools that facilitate smartphone use while driving, actually not using the phone while driving should essentially be part of the terms of use. After all, you provide a car, you provide a phone, and you expect your people to be reachable and on the road at the same time. The car now becomes part of the workplace. It is essentially an office space. By doing so, you're practically setting an expectation that contradicts traffic safety. And yes, we can all naively think that not using the phone while driving is obvious, but everyone knows how it really is. Therefore, linking a rule to phone use during work hours, in the company car, with the company phone, is essential to align company expectations with traffic safety.

An extra incentive

Undoubtedly, smartphone use while driving is a huge problem. But creating policy around it is also challenging; otherwise, it would have already been the norm. You can rely on the law and say that policy already exists, but making it an integral, indisputable part of company policy adds an extra layer of incentive, hopefully giving the people whom it may concern that extra bit of awareness of the dangers involved.

Using tech to combat unwanted behavior caused by tech

When you, as an employer, value the safety of your employees more than the risk of them feeling patronized, you can assist them by providing our solution, SafeDriveFocus. It makes it impossible to use your smartphone while the car is moving, yet allows use when the car is stationary. This immediately alleviates a significant problem, reducing the potential for accidents and damage caused by distraction.

Want to learn more about SafeDriveFocus, our solution for reducing smartphone use on the road? We'd love to hear from you!

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