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SafeDrivePodcast ep. 8 - Cees van Dijk, COO at Spearhead AG

Martes 18 julio 2023
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We're happy to present yet another internationally oriented episode of our #safedrivepodcast, featuring Cees van Dijk, COO of Spearhead AG. Cees van Dijk is here to tell us about insurtech in general and digital accident, damage and lifecycle analysis for motor vehicles in particular. Get ready for a deep dive into insurtech, crash detection and the importance of First Notice of Loss: a great, insightful episode for everyone involved in the insurance, leasing or rental market.


A little more on Spearhead AG
Spearhead AG is a globally oriented InsurTech company, founded in 2015 in Switzerland. Specializing in digital accident, damage and lifecycle analysis for motor vehicles, Spearhead AG develops and operates digital platform services for companies within the mobility ecosystem. It enables process optimization and cost reductions throughout the entire automotive claims process and provides a digital, powerful, innovative and contemporary customer experience. Spearhead AG works with automotive insurers, fleet and leasing companies and takes part in several research and development partnerships with leading institutes in the fields of vehicle and personal injury analysis, accident forensics and vehicle telematics (SafeDrivePod being one of them).


First Notice of Loss: a huge time saver
Shedding a light on FNOL, Cees explains in detail how shortening the process of claims handling is a tremendous help, not only to an insurance company, but to each party involved. When having the right data at the right time - the right time being as fast as possible - the first touchpoint with a customer becomes a huge time saver: 50% of the cases can be settled in one conversation, and some even fully digital. This leaves time to pay more attention to the claims that really matter. For this to work, telematics and predictive data models are set up to work in unison and provide relevant data for each individual case.


The importance of low impact crash detection solutions like SafeDriveResponse
As the conversation continues, Cees explains why low impact collission detection is an important feature to have if you're trying to improve the claims process. High impact crash detection is a lot more straightforward. We're talking numbers like 14G, which can't really be missed. However, having a crash detection solution that can differentiate between forcefully closing a door and hitting a barrier at low speed, naturally opens up lots of possibilities to insurance companies. For instance: being able to measure the force and direction of an impact, can help predict the associated claim cost.Cees goes into detail about the live testing Spearhead AG and SafeDrivePod have done in this field, and what results these tests have yielded.


Car crashes: unavoidable, unexpected and unnerving
Besides improving the technical aspects of claims processing, crash detection opens up an important service option to insurers, fleet managers or lease companies. The end user, who has just been in an accident, can be contacted and offered help immediately after a crash has occurred. Cees explains how important it is not to overlook this simple, unavoidable, unexpected and unnerving fact of life, and how it strengthens the brand experience customers have.


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