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Road safety

Eyes on the road: the core principle of our fully autonomous telematics solution

Dienstag 7 Februar 2023
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We don't have to tell anyone that it's wise to pay attention in traffic. And yet, it's easier said than done. We all get distracted in traffic, even more often than you might think. As a provider of telematics solutions, we think that not adding further to this problem is a good starting point.


Distractions are literally everywhere

You hear an interesting conversation on the radio, or your favorite song comes along and you're really diggin'it, singing along with your favourite tune. Maybe you're on the phone (we hope you're at least calling hands-free) or you're engaged in a conversation with your passenger. But get this: even when you're fully focused on driving and haven't used your mirrors for a while, you're not fully aware of what's going on around you even if only for a few seconds. In short, there are more than enough stimuli, and with every stimulus your mind can wander off. And we've not even talked about your smartphone, trying to get your attention all the time.


Telematics have a positive influence on driving behaviour

The primary purpose of telematics is to provide insight in driving behaviour. It's records acceleration and braking events, as well as your cornering abilities. This is important, because it can tell you a lot about your driving behavior. Are you easily distracted while driving, or do you drive attentively, but a little too aggressively? Both are disastrous for road safety, and the latter, for example, also for the environment. It's helpful to at least be aware of how you could improve your driving style. The last thing you want, however, is for your telematics solution to distract you from driving.


Eyes on the road

The premise of our telematics solution is that you won't not notice it's there, so you can fully concentrate on driving. After you've gone through the installation and configuration via your smartphone, and have applied the sticky side of the pod to a surface in your car (preferably according to the instructions), you will no longer notice SafeDrivePod. When you start driving, SafeDrivePod starts automatically, and when you stop, our telematics solution automatically shuts down. We also won't tire you with live data or real-time insight while driving: you really don't need us to tell you when you are cornering, accelerating or braking. What we will do, is give you the opportunity to view your driving behavior after each ride, as well as view the details of previous rides, and your overall score. We won't be pointing fingers or otherwise annoy you with warnings while you're driving. We'll only provide insight afterwards. When you have stopped driving and have safely come to a halt. We last thing we want, is you causing an accident because we couldn't wait for an approriate time to tell you all about your driving behavior. We really don't want to be that person.

If you really can't keep your hands off your smartphone

Distraction caused by smartphones in traffic is a very persistent problem. One of the world's largest industries revolves around gluing you to a screen for as long and as often as possible, often with great success. No wonder the temptation of checking your smartphone is too hard to resist, even while you're driving. If you feel like you really can't beat it, don't worry. With SafeDriveFocus, we'll make sure that you simply cannot operate your smartphone while driving, except for your favorite navigation app. If you start moving, your screen will lock. If you stand still, you can immediately operate it again. Very handy indeed. Or maybe it's more hands-off. Who knows: you might even save a life with it.


Want to know more about telematics and what benefits there are for your specific use case? Give us a call or send us an email and we'll happily tell you all about it.

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