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Getting rid of the car - A drastic solution for sustainable mobility

Montag 18 März 2024
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Years ago, Daan Bieleveld, a sustainable solutions consultant, made a decision that not only changed his daily routine but also significantly impacted the planet. He chose to swap his company car for a bicycle and set himself the goal of doing everything by bike for a year (and really long distances by train). This decision reflects a deep commitment to sustainable living and working, bringing 'practicing what you preach' to life.

An inspiring tale of personal change and sustainability

We can all think of the downsides to such a choice. However, Daan's story illustrates mostly the many benefits of this decision, not just for the environment but also for his personal well-being and health. Switching from car rides to bike rides not only reduced his ecological footprint but also improved his physical fitness and mental well-being. Despite an initial adjustment period, Daan soon began to see the benefits - from improved fitness to financial savings and reduced travel time compared to expectations.

Hit the road, but with a twist

The shift to cycling brought a daily dose of exercise, reduced stress during the morning commute, and a surprising discovery that the total travel time only increased by half an hour per day, while yielding 1.5 hours of physical activity. This story underscores not only the importance of sustainable choices in our personal lives but also how such decisions can lead to a healthier lifestyle and financial savings.

Not that hard?

Daan's experience inspires a reconsideration of our daily transportation choices and demonstrates that more sustainable options are not only good for the planet but also for ourselves. Deep down, we all know it, but actually doing it turns out to be not so crazy after all. Daan's story encourages us to think about how we can integrate personal and professional values into our way of life, and how small changes can contribute to greater environmental and health benefits.

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