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SafeDrivePodCast episode 7: Thomas Rettenwander, head of affinity at wefox

Dienstag 4 Juli 2023
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In this episode of the #safedrivepodcast we're changing things up a bit. Our guest this time would like to address insurers and stakeholders worldwide, so we'll be switching to English for this episode. Please enjoy hearing Thomas Rettenwander talk about building relationships with clients, increasing touchpoints, IoT and innovation, insurer efficiency, usage based insurance (UBI) and the fine balance it requires, customer-centric product development, road safety and accident prevention.


From big corporate to insurtech

Thomas Rettenwander, head of affinity at Wefox insurtech, found his professional roots in big corporate and worked in different places all over the world for quite some time, before finally making the move to the insurtech market. He found his match in WeFox! fairly recently, and is here to tell us more about his work and more importantly, share his vision on the vehicle insurance market in particular.


Start small, but plan big

Wefox is a company that started in 2015, with the goal of becoming a platform within the industry. By now, it's one of the fastest growing insurtech companies around. They're a prime example of the adage 'start small, but plan big from the start'. The companies wefox partners with, traditionally don't have anything to do with insurance. A few examples: buy a plane ticket, and get the added benefit of an optional insurance product, or: car dealerships selling cars, now also include financing or insurance products.


Exiting and lucrative

This take on bringing insurance products to market might be considered a threat by traditional insurance companies, but in reality it's quite the opposite, as Thomas explains in fine detail. It's a fresh, exiting take on insurance as a product or a service, and it's moving in a direction that truly benefits all parties involved. It does require a different mindset, though. Luckily enough, companies like wefox (and yes, SafeDrivePod) are here to help with this lucrative transition.


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