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SafeDrivePod helps fleet managers save cost and time on their fleet managing tasks

Improving sustainability and road safety with SafeDrivePod yields you much more than it costs

Safer traffic = more economical fleet management

As a fleet manager, you know better than anyone how important it is to put together and manage a high-quality fleet as efficiently as possible. Safety aspects and therefore also the behavior of individual drivers play a major role in this: calm, less easily distracted drivers ensure a direct reduction of the risk of damage and the associated costs. Less damage to cans, less loss of time and less need for replacement transport equals more productivity.


Today, sustainability - like safety - is inextricably linked to fleet management. Think, for example, of the environmental transition and the electrification of the vehicle fleet, in order to reduce the carbon footprint. As a fleet manager, however, you can also take other steps to reduce the impact of your fleet on the environment. By gaining insight into the driving behavior of individual drivers, the opportunity arises to reduce consumption by influencing behavior and thus reduce the pressure on the environment. In addition, it also saves money at the pump and in the car garage, so that's a nice bonus.

A fleet manager's best friend

SafeDrivePod is an affordable, privacy-friendly and multifunctional telematics solution for fleet managers. It provides insight into driving behaviour, limits distraction in traffic and accelerates the response in the event of accidents. In addition, we assist with the installation, operation and daily use of all elements of SafeDrivePod. Finally, we offer a solution for complete or partial product and data integration with external products, services and systems. White labeling is also an option. As a fleet manager you have a lot to choose from; there is always a good combination that perfectly suits your needs.

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Benefits of SafeDrivePod for you, your fleet and individual drivers

Reduction of insurance costs

Reduction of direct and indirect damage costs

Lower fuel and maintenance costs

Safer work environment for employees

The world's only driving behavior solution without the use of GPS, so no worries about privacy


of all car accidents are caused by smartphone use



cause for workplace deaths are motor vehicle crashes



of the employees request a safety policy of their employer

Dutch Ministry

Limit unnecessary risks for your fleet and get a grip on the direct and indirect costs associated with these risks