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Telematics and safety features of SafeDrivePod can be a relevant expansion to the offering of OEMs and automotive tech companies

Integrate SafeDrivePod or parts thereof in your own solutions, products and services

You don't have to reinvent the wheel

We speak from experience when we say that developing a multifunctional, low profile, high impact solution for telematics is not an easy task. Since 2016, we have been working day in and day out with a team of gifted people on our high-tech hardware, embedded software, the user-friendly native apps and the online dashboard. We therefore understand that many parts of our solution are extremely interesting for integration into all kinds of other automotive applications.


Our mission is to reduce damage and especially injury in traffic. To achieve this, we are open to collaborations and make our solution (and parts of it) available at reasonable rates to other suppliers of automotive tech, but also to OEMs who share this mission. We also invite suppliers of applications that are not directly safety-related to contact us to discuss the options for integrating product components and functionalities.

Very smooth integration or white labeling

SafeDrivePod is an affordable, privacy-friendly and multifunctional telematics solution, which lends itself well to full or partial integration into existing products. It provides insight into driving behaviour, limits distraction in traffic and accelerates the response in the event of accidents.


Thanks to our in-house developed hardware, embedded software, native apps and web software, we are capable of complete or partial product and data integration with external products, services and systems. Think of data integration via our API, or integration of functionalities in other apps with our market-compliant SDK. Hardware integration via embedded use and custom integration of our tangible products are also possible, as is white labeling of our total offer or parts thereof. A good custom integration can be devised for every application, which perfectly matches the stated needs and expectations.

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Benefits of SafeDrivePod for you and your customers

Directly offer your customers a complete package

Patented solution for closing the phone screen (iOS and Android) while driving

No development costs, only licence costs

Direct support from the original developer

The SDK is continuously updated, so you always have the current technology


of all car accidents are caused by smartphone use



cause for workplace deaths are motor vehicle crashes



of the employees request a safety policy of their employer

Dutch Ministry

Let SafeDrivePod or its specific features be a part of your own automotive offering