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We'd love to tell you more about our hardware and software

How we work daily on intelligent solutions with maximal ease of use

In-house is the key

The simpler a multifunctional solution appears at the front, the more work there is usually in the back. This is no different for us: a combination of hardware, embedded software, a mobile app and a web application work in tandem, so that our users can use all functionalities throughout the day. The development of this entire ecosystem takes a lot of time, and there are many variables that influence each other. In order to exclude as many unnecessary risks as possible, we develop all elements in-house.

The little pod that could

Our pod is the core of our solution. The pod measures all movements, takes care of the data processing, can be installed in an instant, lasts for years and does not need to be operated while using SafeDrivePod. To get there, we went through quite a few hurdles. First of all, the pod must be cross-platform and wireless, so that anyone can install it. In addition, the pod must be able to run on a battery for years, and still take on quite a bit of work.


We develop and manage our dashboard, the API, the frontend and our own servers according to the applicable ISO standards for secure data, and Core Web Vitals, GDPR and W3C standards. We use HTML5, PHP, Javascript, and CSS. We work with duplicate servers with sufficient physical distance, data is never lost when the data flow is interrupted. Our dashboard gives users various reporting options. In addition, permissions can be set per user. Raw data can be exported and/or read in, and reports can be exported in various formats.

Ultra low power components

The two components of our SoC, a CPU and a Bluetooth radio, use as little power as possible. We focus on ultra low power usage (microamperes instead of milliamperes), and try to make our algorithms and software as effective as possible, so that we demand as little processing power as possible from the processor. An accelerometer, together with the embedded software, measures all driving movements: so no GPS is needed. This sensor also ensures that the pod itself is switched on and off, and in conjunction with the onboard bluetooth radio, the pod also ensures that the app on the smartphone is automatically switched on while driving.

Embedded software

The data processing with SafeDrivePod does not take place in the app or on a server, but in the pod itself. This ensures as little data traffic as possible via Bluetooth to the phone, so that minimizes battery consumption. In addition, not every driving movement has to be sent directly to a server via the smartphone's data bundle. The pod uses flash memory, which stores all driving movements per trip. About a thousand trips can be stored on the pod without having to send data to the server via the smartphone. We also provide over-the-air updates for the embedded software. So the pod never needs to be physically updated.

Native iOS and Android App

Just like our hardware, we also develop our app in-house. For both iOS and Android we offer native apps written in Kotlin (Android) and Swift (iOS). The app facilitates all the functionalities of SafeDrivePod, and gives drivers insight in their driving behaviour and disables distraction by the smartphone while driving by closing the screen. In fact, after setting up the pod and the app, there is no need for manual operation anymore.

Privacy by design

With all the software we build - whether it's the pod itself, the app, or the dashboard on the website - protecting the privacy of our users is one of the most important principles. We call this Privacy by Design. We always wonder whether sharing personal information outweighs increasing security where we believe the two should be in balance. In our privacy policy you can find out exactly what we store and why. To learn why we ask for location sharing in our apps, check out this page.

An affordable, privacy-friendly, multifunctional telematics solution for fleet managers, insurers and leasing companies