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SafeDriveMotion provides insight into
driving behavior and reduces the costs of fleet management

Get the most out of your fleet with SafeDriveMotion

An affordable, privacy-friendly, easy-to-install solution for telematics

SafeDriveMotion measures acceleration, braking and steering movements from the moment the vehicle starts moving. The driving behavior during the ride can then be viewed and analyzed in the app and the dashboard afterwards. If road users then take the tips offered in the app or dashboard to heart and adjust their driving behaviour, we will take major steps in reducing damage and injuries in traffic. In addition, we reduce the impact of traffic on the environment by giving individual drivers tips for a more economical driving style.

An affordable, privacy-friendly, multifunctional telematics solution for fleet managers, insurers and leasing companies

How SafeDriveMotion works

Our solution consists of a small device (the SafeDrivePod), an app and a management environment. The basic functionality SafeDriveMotion monitors the driver's driving behavior and displays the data in the app and the online management environment. By connecting the driver's smartphone to the SafeDrivePod, the functionalities SafeDriveResponse (crash detection) and SafeDriveFocus (automatic limitation of smartphone use in traffic) can also be enabled.

What SafeDriveMotion can offer for you, your fleet and individual drivers

The world's only driving behavior solution without the use of GPS, so no worries about privacy

Very competitively priced compared to other telematics solutions

Easy to use and install without a technician

The pod lasts more than 250,000 kilometers on a single battery

These brands chose to use SafeDrivePod

Alexander Heijkamp, Sustainability and CSR Director
Athlon International

"We see it as our responsibility to put safe company cars on the road and to promote and implement safe and responsible driving, both for our own members and for our customers. It is our ambition to reduce the number of road accidents caused by an Athlon vehicle (accidents resulting in physical injury to the driver or a third party) to zero."


Lidy van Hout, Manager HR

"The G4S security company is committed to creating a safe working environment for its customers and employees on a daily basis. Every day we have an average of 800 vehicles on the street. In addition to the safe road program, we also offer our employees the inclusion of SafeDrivePod, an excellent preventive solution, which helps to reduce the risk of accidents."


Hanne Decoutere, Procurement Manager
House of HR

"Accent is a way of living, thanks to SafeDrivePod we keep our Accent on the road"


Dirk Fröhlich, CEO of ADAC Truckservice

"The use of cell phones while driving is one of the main risks in road freight transport. According to estimations by insurance companies, 25 percent of total costs are currently caused by truck drivers who are distracted by their smartphones. However, it makes a difference to read about the consequences or to experience them. Our roadside assistants can see the catastrophic impact in practice every day. It is our responsibility to make people aware of the fact that it is also possible to increase road safety effectively by simple means. This is why, on the one hand, we support the efforts of the EU and the FIA campaign 2 seconds. In addition, the SafeDrivePod system will become an optional part of our product portfolio"


Dominique van den Eijnde, SHE Manager
Heineken Nederland

"One of the top priorities of HEINEKEN worldwide is Road Safety. Driving is part of our daily business, from transporting commodities to our breweries till bringing the product to the (end) customer. In The Netherlands, HEINEKEN has installed Telematics (insights in behavior) and the SafeDrivePod (preventing distraction) in the vehicles of the HEINEKEN fleet. We believe that this supports a safer environment on the road, both for the employees as for the other road users."


Gain insight into driving behavior and reduce the costs of your fleet management