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Safer road traffic and sustainability go hand in hand

A green solution for a social challenge

Winning on two fronts

The way we look at the theme of sustainability is twofold. One interpretation is to actively take care of our common living environment, the environment. Inherent to this, however, is another interpretation: taking care of each other, social sustainability. The latter in particular is, of course, close to our mission. We want everyone to come home safely, so that means that 'home' must also remain safe and liveable. To achieve that, we are willing to go far. If we can make a global impact on reducing road safety, in a way that makes an impact on several fronts, then we are happy. Of course we cannot do this alone, so we are open to all forms of cooperation. We are 'purpose driven', we really care about the good cause, in the broadest sense of the word.

Our energy saving philosophy

As a tech company that operates in the automotive industry, we are aware of the impact the sector has on the environment like no other. You can acknowledge the problem and then sit back and wait for someone else to fix it, or take an active stance. The latter suits us better: from the very beginning, limiting the potential negative impact of SafeDrivePod on the environment has been a formative principle on as many fronts as possible. It still is today and will remain so in the future. We are not only talking about the hardware, but also about the software and - not unimportantly - the possibilities offered by the solution as a whole for reducing emissions from road traffic.


Low impact, high yield

For starters, we only use extremely low power components in our hardware. For example, our small sensor lasts 325,000 km on one button cell battery, and our large pod up to 1,500,000 km. Calculated back in time you are talking about years instead of months. In addition, no additional materials are required for installation. Not even plug but direct play. Our pods are small in size, and we are happy to ship them in bulk. We use as little packaging material as possible, and what we use is recyclable or we reuse it ourselves after collecting. We do not box, all manuals are digital. And does your pod need to be replaced? Then we take them in and all reusable components are refurbished. In this way we get the maximum lifespan from our pods and the various components. We source these components locally, so that as few travel movements as possible are required for production.

The impact of data collection on the environment

Another indirect method of reducing your environmental impact as a tech company is to minimize data traffic and its processing on servers that use a lot of power. To start with, we break with the trend of collecting as much data as possible, much of which will probably never be used. We only collect data that we really need. In addition, the data processing takes place on the pod, instead of on large, energy-guzzling servers. Smartphone-based telematics typically use hundreds of thousands of data points per trip. We use seven. In total you are talking about 0.5 MB of data per month that is sent to the server, instead of hundreds, or even thousands of MBs per month.


The driving behaviour of individual road users

An obvious way to reduce the impact of road traffic on the environment is to allow road users to drive as economically as possible. But how exactly do you do that? Our solution SafeDriveMotion helps individual road users to gain insight into their driving behaviour. Are you braking, steering or accelerating too abruptly? Then it will be visible in the dashboard. Based on this analysis, a calmer driving style can be recommended. A perfect way to let people quickly and easily contribute to reducing their impact on the environment.

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