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SafeDrivePod helps leasing and car rental companies by delivering a significant contribution to risk management and level of service

Make your portfolio more efficient with a lower risk per contractor or individual driver

A moving market requires a dynamic offer

Leasing companies facilitate a large part of road traffic. As befits a good service provider, a purely price-oriented vision of service provision is no longer enough to make a difference in a market characterized by development and dynamism. The lease company is increasingly becoming a substantive discussion partner at the intersection of corporate social responsibility, sustainability and safety. Whether it concerns a financial lease, operational lease, short lease or rental; many companies operating in this market feel a certain responsibility for the safety of their customers, who participate in traffic every day thanks to their efforts.


Leasing companies want to be able to make smart choices, in the interest of both the customer and themselves. Being able to quickly make an accurate estimate of the risk associated with a contractor is very important. The cost aspect is largely determined by the driving behavior of the end user. The less safe or sustainable he or she drives, the greater the risk of higher costs. The moment that preventive action can be taken and actual data can be used for price differentiation, a lease company is ultimately able to put a sharper offer on the market. Our solutions help to focus on the right retention, strive for the cleanest portfolio possible and take a proactive role in increasing the sustainability and safety awareness of the contractor or individual driver.

Lease with a bit more ease (of mind)

SafeDrivePod is an affordable, privacy-friendly and multifunctional telematics solution for leasing companies. It provides insight into driving behaviour, limits distraction in traffic and accelerates the response in the event of accidents. In addition, we assist with the installation, operation and daily use of all elements of SafeDrivePod. Finally, we offer a solution for product and data integration with external products, services and systems. For every lease company, a good combination of functionalities can be made, which perfectly match the stated needs and expectations.

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Benefits of SafeDrivePod for you and your customers

The world's only driving behavior solution without the use of GPS, so no worries about privacy

Efficient claim handling in the event of traffic damage, full control of the process from the first notice of loss

Very competitively priced compared to other telematics solutions

Competitive advantage through possibilities for individual price differentiation

Take an active role in cost-saving and environmental issues


of all car accidents are caused by smartphone use



cause for workplace deaths are motor vehicle crashes



of the employees request a safety policy of their employer

Dutch Ministry

SafeDrivePod helps you with more effective risk management and increasing service offerings for contractors and/or end users